Dairyland Auto Insurance Review 2024

Dairyland Auto Insurance

Dairyland Auto Insurance

Dairyland Insurance Services offer a selection of auto policies, from SR-22 and lienholder policies to additional options like towing and labor coverage, rental reimbursement coverage and special equipment coverage.

Dairyland’s parent company, Sentry Insurance, holds an A+ rating from AM Best and an A+ from Better Business Bureau; however, customer service scores for its claims processing department fall below average.

Coverage options

Dairyland Auto Insurance

Dairyland Insurance provides comprehensive auto coverage, from liability and comprehensive to collision and uninsured motorist. They offer rental reimbursement, roadside assistance and special equipment coverage as well. Products vary based on state; additionally they offer nonstandard car policies including SR-22s and nonowner policies.

Sentry Insurance’s cost-effective SR-22 policy offers high-risk drivers an economical solution to filing their SR-22 insurance requirements with state regulators. They offer this filing at a nominal cost and the policy can be purchased with or without liability coverage depending on state laws; available across most states and having been in business since 1948 as the Hardware Dealers Mutual Insurance Company of Wisconsin before expanding nationwide over time and becoming part of Sentry Insurance (renowned for financial stability and customer service)!

Premiums may be higher than with other major auto insurers, but Sentry Insurance stands out with excellent customer service and claims processing processes, positive workplace reviews and an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau.

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Policy options

Dairyland Auto Insurance

Dairyland provides six standard car insurance options. This includes liability coverage that pays for injuries and repairs caused by you in an accident; collision coverage that pays to repair or replace damaged cars owned by yourself in such accidents; as well as roadside assistance that covers towing, dead batteries and flat tires.

Dairyland also provides SR-22 insurance as a proof that you meet state minimum auto insurance requirements, often required after being accused of DUI or serious traffic offenses. Dairyland can typically submit this paperwork directly to your state on the same day you purchase their policy without charging an extra filing fee.

Dairyland provides other policies as well, such as lienholder and non-owner insurance policies to cover costs related to an accident before your loan has been paid off, non-owner damage coverage that does not fall under your policy and rider course discounts for bikers who complete motorcycle safety classes as well as transfer discounts when switching insurers.

Dairyland Insurance may not offer all the features found with larger insurers, yet still boasts an outstanding Better Business Bureau rating and positive client feedback. Furthermore, A.M. Best has recognized Dairyland as an insurer capable of covering coverage in all 50 states.

Claims process

Dairyland auto insurance was founded in 1953 as a provider of non-standard auto coverage, including drivers with DUI records, multiple traffic tickets or past accidents that other companies declined them for coverage. They specialize in covering high risk vehicles like classic cars or motorbikes. Operating across 35 states they also provide roadside assistance should an accident occur.

Dairyland enjoys strong reviews with professional rating agencies like A.M. Best and Better Business Bureau; however customer reviews tend to be less positive; many complaints stemming from premium costs and claims processes as well as not responding quickly enough to customer concerns.

Dairyland Insurance Services offer extras beyond traditional coverage options such as rental car reimbursement and lienholder protection, roadside assistance coverage for dead batteries and flat tires as well as roadside assistance coverage for other issues like deadbatteries or flat tires. They even have a mobile app where customers can pay bills, access ID cards and receive reminders for payments due.

Dairyland is owned by Sentry Insurance, an expansive insurer offering coverage to businesses of various kinds. Dairyland can be an excellent option for drivers with bad driving records who must file an SR-22 form; however, other insurers may provide more comprehensive policies.

Customer service

Dairyland Insurance Services offer an array of auto policies with 24/7 customer service representatives who are on hand to answer questions and offer discounts. Payments can be made online or using the company’s mobile app; quarterly, monthly or annual installment plans may also be available depending on which policy type is purchased. Dairyland also supports local charities like Coaches vs Cancer Wisconsin Gala which raises money for the American Cancer Society.

Sentry Insurance is a leading provider of auto insurance in 37 states, offering both standard car and high-risk policies to drivers across these states. Their product offerings include liability, collision, comprehensive, medical expenses coverage, uninsured/underinsured driver coverage and personal injury protection – as well as SR-22 and lienholder policies specifically for high-risk drivers. Their parent company received high marks on Glassdoor when rating workplace satisfaction scores.

Dairyland Insurance stands out among major car insurers by accepting high-risk drivers even when other providers say no. Dairyland specializes in covering high-risk drivers with multiple tickets or at-fault accidents; unlike most major providers, however, it provides coverage even for drivers without perfect credit or driving histories – its name stemming from Wisconsin dairy farming, and parent company Sentry also offers other insurance products.


Dairyland Insurance Services, a subsidiary of Sentry Insurance, stands as a viable option for drivers seeking coverage in non-standard circumstances or requiring SR-22 filings. The company’s specialization in catering to high-risk drivers and providing diverse coverage options, including roadside assistance and non-owner policies, sets it apart from many major insurers. However, while Dairyland boasts positive professional ratings for financial stability, its customer service has received mixed reviews, particularly concerning premium costs and claims processing. For individuals with imperfect driving records or credit histories, Dairyland’s willingness to extend coverage where others might deny it makes it a noteworthy choice to explore, although other insurers may offer more comprehensive policies.


1. What coverage options does Dairyland Insurance offer? Dairyland Insurance provides comprehensive coverage, including liability, collision, uninsured motorist, rental reimbursement, roadside assistance, and special equipment coverage. They specialize in SR-22 filings for high-risk drivers and offer various non-standard policies.

2. Who is Dairyland Insurance suitable for? Dairyland Insurance caters to drivers with imperfect driving records, high-risk vehicles, or those requiring SR-22 filings. It’s an option for individuals facing challenges in obtaining coverage from other insurers due to past incidents or credit history.

3. Does Dairyland offer roadside assistance? Yes, Dairyland provides roadside assistance covering towing, dead batteries, flat tires, and other emergency issues. They also have a mobile app for convenient bill payments and accessing policy information.

4. What distinguishes Dairyland from other insurers? Dairyland stands out by accepting high-risk drivers and offering coverage to individuals with imperfect credit or driving histories, a service not commonly provided by major insurers.

5. How is Dairyland’s customer service? Dairyland has 24/7 customer service but has received mixed reviews regarding customer satisfaction. Complaints often revolve around premium costs, claims processing, and responsiveness to customer concerns.

6. Is Dairyland Insurance available nationwide? Dairyland operates across 35 states, offering coverage for high-risk drivers and specialized policies. However, coverage options may vary based on the state of residence.

7. What is the relationship between Dairyland and Sentry insurance? Dairyland is owned by Sentry Insurance, recognized for its financial stability and diverse insurance products. Sentry’s ownership underscores Dairyland’s ability to cover non-standard circumstances and high-risk drivers.

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